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Learn different Gardenscapes hack to earn more coins

Gardenscapes is a fun starting from matching tiles, levelling up, to gaining coins. Now there is a limit to gain coins, also you have to win certain levels and fulfil some tasks to gain coins. Thanks to some Gardenscapes cheats invented by some hackers, it has been made possible to gain as much as 999,999 coins per person.

Features of Gardenscapes free coins
• You have to earn stars by matching 3 levels. Stars are very useful in this game and you can store these stars for future use. Stars are mainly used for gardening and other beautification purpose.
• In match 3 levels you have to collect tiles or drop certain items.
• You have to look for different gnomes for more stars and coins. The genomes are usually hidden beneath the grass or inside colourful holes.
• The game gets harder with passing level. You just have to stay focused.
• With the increasing levels, you will be able to uncover many power ups such as shovels, rainbows, explosives etc. A shovel has the most power amongst the others since it helps to dig up tiles for finding objects. gardenscapes unlimited stars lets you win more of these.
• There are some levels which need to be finished within a fixed time span. So you have to manage your time well.
• After finishing each level you can gain 50 to 70 coins. These coins can be used to buy more shovels, explosives etc. or to uncover your next move. However, you cannot play the same level more than once to gain more coins.
Following are some tricks to gains more coins than your friends:
1. Perform your moves strategically.
2. Do not spend your coins unnecessarily. These coins are very helpful if you cannot figure your moves or you need to buy more power ups. So, store Gardenscapes free coins.
3. Try to make use of the rainbow blast at the right place and at the right time.